Rodney Lusk has served our community as a Fairfax County Employee for 3o years.

He not only understands our county’s history, but understands what it will take to move Fairfax forward.

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Education & Workforce Development

Rodney understands that if we are serious about building a brighter future for Fairfax County, then we have to start with fully-funding our schools, ensuring that our teachers are receiving the most competitive pay in our region, and making investments in apprenticeship and technical training programs that are the pipelines to a middle-class lifestyle.


Affordable Housing for All

Everyone that works in Fairfax County should be able to afford to live in Fairfax County. Affordable housing means affordable for everyone, and Rodney has a plan to address our community’s shortfall of affordable housing stock by ensuring that we retain existing homes, while adding the 15,000 new homes that our county needs.

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 Equity for all our Neighbors

A child born on the Historic Richmond Highway Corridor should have the same opportunities as a child born along the Dulles Corridor. Rodney will examine every question before the Board of Supervisors through an lens of equity, ensuring that regardless of race, gender, income or where in Fairfax you happen to call home; every child, worker, and resident has the same opportunity to succeed.